Welcome Home


Well almost.... We closed on our second home yesterday. As always it was a bumpy process but we finally made it to closing (which signing papers was much less stressful this time around)! We were planning to wait until the spring but we have been watching this house and with the current mortgage rates we were able to do a 15-year loan so we bit! This time we purchased a foreclosure (it was either pure genius or the most idiotic thing we have done) so it will not officially be home for about a month.

Short history on the house, built in 1996 by a single guy (its a man house, three-stall garage, tiny kitchen pantry). 2200 sq ft above grade, 3300 sqft with basement on .6 acres (mostly slopped). Completely builders grade, he never even painted a wall but I think he had a dart board on every wall because I have never seen a house with so man large and small holes in the dry wall.

The house itself is structurally in good condition but needs a new roof. There was a roof vent leak in the girls room (drywall repair = DR#1), vent leak in the upstairs bathroom (DR #2), he never used shower curtains so the kitchen and living room ceilings have water stains #3,4 &5. There was a toilet leak where the drywall was haphazardly cut out #6, and then he got miffed at the bank rolled a bowling ball down the stairs #7 and lastly peed in the downstairs corner carpet and drywall #8.

Not to mentions the hundreds of nail (dart) holes and dented corners.

The retaining wall are failing, the sink fixtures leak, the windows and siding are so dirty there is a coat of grime on them and the list goes on. However the view is specular, I can't see into any of my neighbors windows and we have a built in luge run that double as a driveway! I think with a little elbow grease and some arguments we can bring her to life.

So this weekend is seeing if we can salvage the carpet and starting the drywall repair process. Heather demanded that I start a project list again so to make her content I will and we'll see what we can learn during the process.

So come visit, we have plenty of room!