I can't for the life of me tell who he looks like. Just for comparison here are his sisters at his age. Ike


The Picinic Table

I made the girls a picnic table for Christmas from the scrap wood left over from building our fence last year. This was really the first thing I have built outside of fences and I was happy with the final product. I found a great website with Free simple plans for beginners and the project took me a little over three hours from start to finish. I did buy non-treated pine 2*6's for the table top and benches since the kiddos will be touching and eating off those areas. Total cost... $13.00.
And the girls love it! They eat lunch out there almost every day and I love it becuase my floors stay a little cleaner since lunch has moved outside :)

This website has lots of great easy projects (and some more difficult ones also). I also made Jared a workbench...now he has an obligation to make me stuff :)


6 months and on the move!

Isaac turned 6 months a few weeks ago. I took him in last week for his six month well check and his weight had plateau dropping him from 50% for weight to the 10%. So much for having my husky boy. However, no concerns because since we got home from vacation two weeks ago he has cut two teeth, decided solid foods are not too bad and is OFFICALLY MOBILE! I am soo not ready for this. He always likes to do push-ups, its pretty funny to watch him attempt to get into a crawling position. He is still figuring out how to go forward, but as for backwards he can cross a room, carpet or wood. These days he seems to be spending a lot of time hanging out under furniture, guess a product of not being able to see where you are going.

Christmas at Fentons

Playing a little blog-o catch up. We spent our last week of vacation up visiting Grandpa and Grandma Fenton in NE Iowa. After a week of being in the flats of central Iowa, Erin was so excited to FINALLY go sledding! Eliza has spent the previous week gazing out the window longing to join the fun outside but not willing to brave the cold. We bundled her up to go sledding and she decided the winter wonderland was maybe, just a tiny bit fun …but mostly she froze.

We got to spend the week with my brother and his new wife, which was a lot of fun. And Great Grandma Phyllis got to spend some quality time with Isaac. We ran into a few old friends and Erin and Eliza were spoiled rotten and had a blast with Grandpa Eldon and Grandma Sue.

The day we packed up and headed for Texas it was -30 degrees….made it really easy to say good bye and hightail back to warmer weather.