Where does time go?  I was looking forward to a nice relaxing summer....and well I am still waiting for it.  Life has been moving at full-pace and I am starting to realize its not going to slow down anytime soon.   Here are some late spring/early summer happenings at the Renshaw household.  

Jared received his last documents from United Space Alliance and almost a year later his dealings with the Space Program are officially closed.  He enjoyed a couple of days at Scout Camp and Girls Camp. We went to see Jared's baby brother off to the MTC.  He leaves for Chile for a two-year mission. Life keeps J moving at race pace, but he's managing well.

I'm still plugging away at training.  I am regularly biking 20 miles, running 3 miles and swimming longer that I ever thought possible.  I still look beached whale in lane 2 when I swim, but at least my arms look good :)  I turned 31 and found out I have serious arthritis in one knee, this 30-something sucks, can I have my twenties back :).  I attended YW camp for a few days with Jared.  It was a wonderful experience to get to know the girls and the leaders.  I started working for the family business again, picking up their computer layout side of the business.  I am also getting ready to pick up a couple of certifications to work at the Y this fall.  So needless to say laundry has been piling up :).

We've spent some much needed time with family.  Jared's sister came to visit in June and the kids met their cousin Macy for the first time and had a great time.  Grandparents have been bouncing back and forth to see the kids, celebrate birthdays and watch games. 

As for the kids....

Erin completed the first grade, her report card was stellar. She finished the year with a "woodland creature fashion show".  Luckily it was PETA approved and no animals were harmed in the process.  Each kid researched a native animal and shared a fact they learned and made a costume to model down the red carpet, too cute!  We then had lunch on the green.

 Erin also bridged from Daisy Scouts and is now a proud Brownie.  She also attended jump rope camp and now has some killer jump moves.
 Despite the heat we have managed to hit the bike trail a couple of times.  Cedar Rapids has a nice network of paved trails, its a great way to see the city.  Erin can now ride up to six miles on her own....Eliza sits on her tag along bike and lets Jared pull her :).  Ike loves the central trail since it goes by the train yards.

Our Tuesday and Thursday nights have been consumed with ball.  Erin is playing Softball and Eliza is playing t-ball through the Y this summer.  They both love it. 

 We spent a day in Nauvoo for the ward temple trip.  Eliza and her friends played at Pioneer pastimes for HOURS.
 Ike decided that to was too hot for clothes, but not for his sister slippers  (he is now into hats of all kinds).
 We spent some time feeding the geese at Ellis park after working in the garden.  Its been an incredibly dry year and we spend a lot of time watering with 5-gallon buckets, but the garden is doing well.  We've had a good crop of peas, green beans, zucchini out the wazoo, and picked our first tomats this week!
 Erin and Eliza read a book about a boy who made play clay cookies and gave them to people to eat.  Erin and Eliza made play clay cookies and proceeded to give them to Ike to eat.....they then documented his reaction.....love what I find on my camera and the stories that go with it :).
And that's life!