Directional Funk

Jared had Friday off so he decided to tag along to my midwife appointment downtown and meet a few of them and get his crash course in how to deliver a baby if needed (for historical reference click here).

Everything looks great; minus one thing…this kid has got to figure out what direction is down. I am 35 ½ weeks and he is transverse breech (perpendicular to where he should be). Titi (the midwife I saw yesterday) was not overly concerned, she said he is a small baby and I still have plenty of fluid for him to turn. But he is cutting it a little short for comfort. If he does not turn by 37 weeks there is an O.B. in the office that has a successful external inversion rate. So for the next few weeks, if I get desperate enough, I may attempt the funky yoga positions, standing on my head in the water, and my favorite thought…. sticking a flashlight down my pants or putting a pack of frozen veggies up your ribs since babies tend to turn towards light and away from cold :) If that is the only little hiccup we can deal with that.

Jared got his crash course on how to deliver a baby if for some reason we are stuck in traffic on I-45. I think he was relativity relieved when her directions consisted of:

“The baby is going to come with or without you. Take lots of towels; turn on the car heater to keep it warm and WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T CUT ANYTHING!”

After the appointment we met up with Derek and Britt for lunch and then rented a pedal boat at Hermann Park. It was just a fun day out with the family.


Memorial Day Revamp

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Saturday night we hung out with some good friends and played boxing on the Wii. Jared can now proudly say he knocked out his pregnant wife.

This morning our ward had their annual pancake breakfast. There was a great turnout and for once it didn’t rain. Jared played kickball with all the little kids and I sat with Eliza as she chowed on watermelon.

Britt and Derek came over about lunch time. I loved our nursery, but for some reason the big purple daisy on the wall was not “manly” enough for Jared’s mini-me. I am too lazy to repaint the whole nursery so Britt and I just revamped to make it a little more masculine. We just painted over all the flowers (the green is the same, the photos were taken at different times during the day). It only took us a few hours, which was really nice so we had time to take the kids swimming.

Jared requested ribs for today. It has been years since I have tackled ribs. I forgot to marinate them the night before, so when I woke up at 2am this morning, I decided I might as well get it done. We cooked them in the oven for three hours and finished them on the grill and they were finger licking good. We had a great dinner, which resulted on me going on a walk so that great dinner does not add to my already swelling kankles.


Rude Awakening

Jared never he told me he was half Klingon….

Eliza was out a few nights ago playing at the neighborhoods house. By the time I got home Jared had put the girls to bed and said Eliza was a little warm. I saw some of her new fangs pushing through so figured she was just teething. I checked on Eliza about 11 pm and she was burning up…temp 104.2. Its not uncommon for my kids to run a fever that high, but the weird thing was her head, hands and feet were incredibly hot and the rest of her body was just warm. We gave her some motrin and were up most of the night, but the fever would not break under 102 until late morning.

I thought it was odd it was just a fever, she was not sick, but then again there is a lot of viral stuff going around. Thursday morning I woke up early and took Erin to her graduation practice and Jared brought Eliza right before the ceremony. When he sat down I looked at her face and her forehead was swollen, there was this massive hard knot right between her eyes. Our kid looked like a Klingon. The photos does not do it justice, her forehead was huge! We had no idea what it was from, but coupled with the high fever and a bloody nose I figured it was time to take a trip to the pedi office. I called and said I didn’t think they were related and asked if it was worth coming in and she said get in right away…

My suspension was that it was a spider bite,….after two hours of patiently waiting with two kids at the office the doc I saw decided it might be a bite….two hours and I got…”just watch it and if it gets worse come back.” Great thanks. I often wonder why there is a co-pay due for visits like that.

Today she is feeling much better but still swollen.

Trooper School Graduation

Erin is officially done with preschool for the year, now the question at hand is how am I going to entertain for the next three months? She has a late birthday so its one more year of preschool before starting kindergarten.

I was really impressed how much she learned over the past year. She can now write and identify all of her letters, recognize several words, and is picking up on the concepts of counting and math.

They had a really cute ceremony for those who are graduating and those returning for one more year.


In Full Bloom

For the last three years I have tinkered around with growing veggies, always have good luck with peppers, but tomatoes....they are my nemesis. I learned early that Iowans have gardening easy; you turn the sod, plant in the spring, pull some weeds and harvest in late summer. Here the growing season is year around, which is great, but you have to get plants in at just the right time. And there is no organic matter in the soil. They recommend growing tomatoes in pots because the soil is so nutrient deficient and if you do plant in soil, they recommend dousing them in fertilizer.

Mu goal this year is to go 100% organic in the yard. This spring I had a huge compost pile ready so Jared and I laid out a small 4'x8’ plot just to test how things would do in the ground. I assumed everything would die, so we just went down to Houston garden center and got a bunch of $1.25 plants (Houston garden center is the equivalent of low quality street drugs to a heroine addict, it feeds my gardening addiction for cheap) … Our result, 5 monstrous tomatoes plants! So much for the peppers this year, I think the tomots took everything over.

This week we had the first fruits and they were amazing, although I think only one actually made it to the kitchen, several times I found the girls sitting next to the patch devouring anything that was red….not that I can get mad at my kids for eating raw veggies. Hopefully by the end of next week, those little dollar plants will be in full production.


A Sunday Evening

Erin woke up Sunday morning with the stomach bug. She threw up most of the morning, but was feeling better by dinner. Oh the joys.... :)

Eliza decided to try on her new ISU outfit Grandma Sue sent her for Easter. After Erin being sick all morning, I think she was starved for attention....


Date Night - House of Blues & LIVE

It’s been years since I have been to a really good concert. My days of mosh pits and body surfing at concerts are long gone. But when we heard LIVE was coming (LIVE who was LIVE?......Throwing copper, Lighting crashes, I alone, Dolphins cry…. I’ll give you a minute to reminisce your glory days of the mid 90’s) we ordered some tickets and went with our friends Zoran and Melissa.

I was a total dork and forgot my camera, but the concert was at the Houston House of Blues. If you haven’t been before I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a more mature venue, no mosh pits, no smoking, no crazy - naked people (although someone did throw their white grandma-looking bra up on stage and the lead signer looked a little digested). It’s very small and intimate venue with great acoustics and good sounds balance. It was a really interesting crowd, everyone from teens to an old grandpa in the balcony that rocked out the whole time. We had general admission tickets, which were standing only, I figured being pregnant I would be stuck in the back, but the crowd was tame and we were about 20 feet from the stage…..It was awesome!

LIVE put out some good tracks over the years (their new stuff is a lot more mellow) but they are great in concert! Good voices and just a great, fun stage performance. It turned out to be a really fun, relaxing night…one last major date night before the baby comes…

This one of their new tracks....



Seriously, Enough with as Erin calls it "The Pig Flu"

Love the Houston Chronicle online since people can leave comments. I got a good laugh out of this one...

Article Title: WHO: Up to 2 billion might get swine flu

Comment with quotes from this article:
"The World Health Organization says up to 2 billion people could be infected by swine flu, if the current outbreak turns into a pandemic."

WHO flu chief Keiji Fukuda says the number wasn’t a prediction


Fukuda says that with a world population of 6 billion people, it’s “reasonable” to expect that kind of infection tally.


He said WHO is unable to know what the future holds, and it is impossible now to say whether the pandemic would be mild or severe.


WHO has said it believes a global swine flu outbreak is imminent, and last week it raised its alert to five, one step short of a pandemic.


...This conjecture is not factual news, it's fear mongering.



Its been a long week, but I don't have time to write, however here are a few photos of the girls....

Eliza is hitting the self- reliant two's. She mandates that she dresses herself....we are still working on that :)