Learning to Swim

I keep thinking that I am finding which way is up and then waves chaos flattens that thought.  We are learning quickly to prioritize, simplify, pray more specifically and I am learning for the first time in my life to say "good enough".  Jared comes and goes at random intervals.  Many nights we only see him for dinner and then its off to church.    He left for Washington DC again this morning, he is starting one week rotations between CR and DC.  They said it's short term, but last time short term turned into three months.  Don't get me wrong, its been a good experience, just a change of pace.  The marathon has started, there are days I feel the cadence and others I feel like I tripped in the first 20 feet and am being trampled :) 

And I am learning to swim, literally.  Somehow this months visiting teaching spiritual moment included signing up for a sprint triathlon August 11.  Its a 300 yard swim (in a pool, because we all know I don't put my face, or really any part of my body for that matter, in open water), 15 mile bike and 5K run.  It's one of those things that sounded like a really good idea at the time and then you wake up the next morning and think, crap. But I've paid my $50, therefore I may die, but at least I'll get my t-shirt. 

J left for DC today and we had a great day!  I taught my last after school gardening class at Erin's school which was a blast.  Erin and I swam laps at the Y, I officially made it 300 yards, in 15 minutes mind you.  I am now confident that they won't require me to wear a life preserver at the triathlon.  We played at the park and after a day of the kids getting along Eliza walked into her bedroom missing her bangs....yes that crucial part of your hair that screams when missing "nerd"!  Its so bad, I about died laughing.  Its off to my hair gal tomorrow to see if she can work miracles.

I found some photos from the spring on my phone....

  Last month we went to the Children's Museum in Iowa City.  Rockwell Collins sponsored an  avionics day and it was a blast.  They had several of these pedal plans and Ike fell madly in love.  I was impressed with the museum, chalk up another mark for Iowa.
 One of the coolest parts of living here is we are in the Nauvoo Temple district. Its a two-hour drive...traffic free, which does not require a quick road-rage repentance session as you run in the doors :) I love it, we walk in and I am home.  Jared and I took a trip to Nauvoo a few days before he was called as bishop and it was a wonderful weekend back where it all started eight years ago. 

 We've climbed trees....
 And did monster Easter Egg hunts...
 Our hideous looking dandelion-filled yard welcomed hundreds of butterflies this spring, the kids spent hours each day catching them.  Ike just liked whacking Eliza with his net, he got really good looking innocent and saying "I missed" :)

And Good Friday our community garden opened.  We are plot C-9 (so if your going to scavenge, scavenge elsewhere)  So far we have onions, lettuce, carrots, potatoes and peas planted.  Ike really had to go to the bathroom one day when working out there.  He figured out how to stand up.  Now every time we go out to work he feels it's his duty to mark his territory, boys....


Spring is Here

Spring has been here for almost a month now!  It's been in the 70's and 80's which is crazy, but no one is complaining.  Garden and yard prep is now in full swing, although I have to hold back knowing it could still freeze.  The kids are loving it, we have 1/2 wooded lot and they play outside for hours.  So here is our spring going-ons....

This little man is officially potty trained!  Actually has been since late January.  All it took was a $30 Thomas-the-Train pillow pet and a few packs of Cars undies.  And he is doing awesome!  This is our first time in seven years not having anyone in diapers and its NICE! Right now he is all about trains, cars and of course the Space Shuttle.  He can now recite Eric Carle's "Panda Bear Panda Bear" book and chatters incessantly. 

Eliza is as crazy as ever.  She loves gymnastics and is really good, she is completely focused in the midst of a crew of four year olds.  Her speech is coming along and we got her registered for Kindergarten.   She has made lots of new friends and loves to collect worms from the yard and sometimes put them on Erin's side of the bed :/

Erin grew up over night, she is almost as tall as me now.  She is completely obsessed with chess, drawing, art and reading, she is my brain child.  She is excited to start track through the Y in April.

As for Jared and myself we have been busy painting the basement, still need to do touch ups, but its looks really good. Jared spent the majority of the spring in Washington DC for work.  It sounds like his travel will now be limited which is an answer to prayers. He was called as a Bishop this month which has flipped our lives upside down but we are slowly finding which way is up.  Things are falling into place and he'll do a wonderful job.  And our front yard looks like a swath of yellow from the dandelions, such is life :).