This Rocks!

Someone sent this to me as an email forward. As I watched it, I thought this is cool, but would be rockin if it was truly authentic, like the email stated, and not digitally designed. So I dug a little and found out that this was filmed without any digital enhancements or trick photography. The trick was filmed in two segments because the studio was not large enough. It took over 600 takes to get it to run. The engineers that built the contraception dismantled two hand-assembled pre-production hondas - there are only six in the world. Over all cost - 6 million and 3 months to complete. So here is to people who have way too much time on their hands....


On the Move

I haven't had much time to write lately, life has been crazy busy. But we are all alive and doing well. Eliza officially started crawling today and is quite good at it. The little monkey can move.


One of those weeks...

I think the photo sums it up. I took the girls to Space Center Houston to meet up for a play date. After being there an hour, I thought to myself, man, my new right running shoe is going to the pots. And then I looked down and realized that my new running shoes are holding up just fine, I just forgot to put on matching shoes this morning.

A year ago I would have been embarrassed enough to go home and change, but I was already up in Clear Lake so I sported my mis-matched footwear not only at the Space Center, but in Lowe's, and the grocery store. Weekend, here I come!

To say the least we had an entertaining week.....


10,000 hits

Wow, our blog just hit the 10,000 hit mark today. Granted probably 50% is grandparents, but glad someone is reading my rants.

We had a relaxing weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner with our neighbors across the street. They are really nice, but she is an oncologist nurse that is on-call a lot so we don't get together too often. We had a good time just eating and visiting.

Saturday Jared studied while I tore up the back yard and starting building a few raised beds out of brick. He started grad school last week through the University of Colorado and so far seems to like the online set up. We took a break to watch President's Hinckley's funeral. From what we saw it was a very nice service, there were so many people logging on to watch the server kept crashing.
Saturday night we hung out at some friends and played games.

Today was about 70 degrees out and the trees are loosing the last of their leaves. We took advantage of the sunshine and played in the backyard for a while.


What I do in my free time....

I found out quickly that with two monkeys I can't get anything done. By the time December rolled around I had several unfinished projects. So I am finally finishing up a few here and there.
This is our downstairs half bath and after a year I couldn't take the bachelor paper in it any more. So I picked up a gallon of paint and thought two day job - one day to strip the paper and one to paint....so I thought...
They papered first and then put on the waynes coating and molding, the paper was partially tacked on with wood glue and it took me almost a whole weekend to strip. When I got it stripped I found out why there was wall paper it the first place, the walls had not been fully textured. So I spent another weekend texturing and priming. Then it took me a quick Saturday morning to paint.

I want to make it out signature bathroom, where people can sign the walls. So when I get a free moment I'll stencil signature wall on one wall in gold, but I have to finish a bunch of other projects first. Right now I am just happy its painted.

And this was a nightmere. A few years ago we were lacking a dresser and so in the dark of the night Jared and Em (Em had to bribe Jared as he has more self respect than Emmaly when it comes to climbing in dark dumpsters in alleys). And pulled this beauty out. Not really much to look at, but it was free and we needed a dresser. I had dreams of redoing it and finally pulled it out into the garage. It took me months to strip, first the brown lacker that was brushed over white primer (figure that). Then the original finish cream with 1960's bright orange flowers. I was so excited...until the stain didn't take. After several weekends of attempting to even out the stain I threw on a coat of varnish and threw it back in our room. It looks better but we'll be keep our eye out for a new one :)