Help Me!

A few days ago the kids were all playing nicely. The house was completely picked up so I thought I could take 5 minutes to actaully shower before noon. All at once I hear this blood curdling scream from Ike. I jumped out only to find Eliza carrying him up the stairs (more like dragging him up backwards under the arms with really LARGE eyes). She made it almost to the top, which is a feat considering Isaac weighs 18 lbs and Eliza is only 26 lbs.

When I questioned her she was so innocent and said "Isaac wanted to play up stairs with us." Needless to say every time Eliza got around him that afternoon he was very nervous (at least more nervous than usual).

Ike's new pretty close to walking, although we don't see it too often, he likes to stay close to the ground. Eliza may show some tough love but she is so proud of him, I think she will be his cheer squad throughout life.


First Fruits

One of my favorite aromas in the world is tomato plants. I am not even sure how to explain it, its pungent and organic and not a smell any candle company would make. And if I close my eyes for a moment I am immediately transported back to playing in the dirt in my grandma’s massive garden, watching her meticulously pick the perfectly ripped fruit. The only thing better is the smell of tomato plants after a summer thunderstorm. Ah, back to my heavy pollution warning day in H-town.

One of the hardest things about living in the burbs is lack of garden space (and good soil, and mild temp and well, the list goes on). But after gardening here for four years I am getting the knack of it. Last year and this year I went 100% organic and I am impressed by the results.

This year I planted one bean plant (which did remarkably well so it’s on the list for next year) and I went all out with pepper and tomato plants. I’ve found in the past that big tomatoes tend to crack and split (probably because I am too lazy to go out and water them every night when its 100 degrees) and are more prone to disease. Romas, grape and cherry tomatoes produce fantastically and I found this little yellow tomato that is great!

We had a cold spring so I finally got around to planting (I buy 2” nursery stock on Houston Garden Center, can’t beat six plants for $1.50) in early March. Eliza and Erin are really good about watering and checking up on them. Today was our first harvest. It was four small tomatoes and a few greenbeans but that means in the coming weeks they will be loaded. Yuppie, now if it would just rain one of these days, I’m going to have to take out a second mortgage for my water bill (which I know completely defeats part of the purpose).

Modern Medicine

I stood in front of the mirror last week painting myself purple thinking this is 2010 right? The age of modern medicine? And here I stand thinking if I get into a car accident the paramedics will wonder what kind of underground freak show suburban moms are participating in these days.

Completely lost? Just stop here and head to the next post.

I almost made it through nursing three kids without getting thrush, but that last lovely antibiotic prescription for an ear infection did me in. And I have got to say, it make nursing pure hell. So I dropped a couple of copay's on prescription meds to help clear it up and after 5 days there was no relief. So I called my midwife and she said to try Gention Violet. I called around to probably a dozen health food stores and oddly enough found it at HEB, the local grocery store.

$1.68 and 48-hours later life was good again (it was an additional 48 hours Isaac had a purple mouth). So ladies, if you find yourself there, go old school and paint yourself purple.

Happy Mothers Day


First off, a big thanks to my Mom who is an inspiration in my life. She is a wonderful woman. Thank you for all the love and sacrifice it took to raise us, we love you!

I had a wonderful Mothers Day! Jared didn’t have church meetings so he was home to help get the kids ready and we actually got to ride to church together. Jared and the girls made omelets for lunch (Jared’s specialty) and Erin made some super cute projects for me in trooper school one that included a Brillo Pad flower.

It was Devin’s day to call home from the mission; he is currently serving in Spain. We have worldwide free calling with Vonage so we ended up being the hub for the call. Brittany and Derek came down for the afternoon to talk and hang out. Jared got me a new headlamp (I did ask specifically for one) which is still I transit (in true Renshaw fashion). And Erin discovered the time delay on the camera..these were the photos I found as I downloaded. It was just a fun and relaxing day.

For me Mothers Day was not too far from the ordinary, which is a good thing. I have a wonderful husband who finds makes time between work, school and church to change diapers, do a load of dishes, helps when asked and takes the kids so I can have a few hours of sanity. And I have wonderful kids, who are well behaved…at least most of the time. I love them all!



Ike always has a smile on his face, however now and then his older sisters tend to annoy him...just a little.