Blast from the Past

Time was short this fall so sadly I didn't get around to making the kids costumes. However we went to Jared's parents a few weeks ago and the kids found an old bin full on costumes that Grandma Linda had made over the years. They had a blast trying them on and were so excited she let them take them for Halloween. In fact we think Ike's batman was Jared's costume as a toddler which made it kind of fun!
We had our church trunk or treat, they had tons of games and the kids had a blast and came home with lots of candy.
Ike was so proud of his Batman Costume. He would walk up to any giver door and yell "I'M BATMAN! However note to self, snow white hair and black hair paint do not mix, his was a dusty gray for a few days. By the end of trick or treating Batman looked like he had a rough night :)Checking out their loot!

Fall Whirlwind

The fall passed without notice. And yes it is officially winter here because Dairy Queen closed today. We have had beautiful weather. Even today was t-shirt weather for a few hours in the afternoon.

We finally moved in last Saturday, it was a long weekend, but is so nice not to be living in two places! One of these days I will get some house photos posted. We worked on the house night and day for three weeks, but probably don't have much to show for it. Most of it was cleaning, drywall and patching, plumbing and some painting. However we are loving it and this massive box on the hill is quickly becoming home.

Erin changed schools when we closed on Oct 7th. She has adjusted well and is loving riding the bus (as is her mama!). She started Daisy scouts and is making friends quickly. We also changed wards for church. I got a calling first week in as RS secretary. Its something completely new and I feel like I am learning the ropes and Jared is next in line. It has been nice to have some down time the last few months, but life is soon going to hick into high gear again.

So this a snap shot of the last month...

The kids had their first experience with fall leaves. For a month I have found leaves in coat pockets, backpacks, seat pockets in the van and in lunch boxes, they were obsessed. As you can see by the attire it has been a mild fall.

Ike met Clifford and was terrified! In fact he was waving his booking in the photo yelling "Get away bad dog!". Ironically he LOVES the books (and real dogs).

Erin spent many afternoons serenading the neighbors and walkers on 5th ave with her 3-string out-of-tune guitar as we packed up the things at the rental. The girl can rock it!

The kids did great and played together so well as we worked on the house.....

sometimes they played well at Isaac's expense. Sadly he was just happy to get attention.

The owner of the house at the trail head posted this sign in his yard next to the trail.... our peaceful Sunday afternoon hike was disrupted by Erin thinking every movement (or person) was Sasquatch. It didn't help at Halloween he had a fire pit and the guy was dressed up like a serious Viking :).