22 Weeks

Well, thought I would post the first preggo photo (compliments of Erin's great photography skills :) I looks so happy....

I am finally feeling good again, this pregnancy has been a lot harder than my previous two, but hopefully the worst is over and it will be smooth sailing now until June.

I meet with a home birth midwife a few weeks ago and it was a cool meeting. She only lives two blocks away, had a very good record, almost twenty years as an OB Nurse and midwife, lots of NICU work as a hospital nurse, mother of 5, etc. Jared was not real keen on the idea, but I would rather not have a baby on I-45, so I told him we would have one more in the car or hospital hallway and then we are staying home (if there is another one). Either way insurance is going to kill the idea.

Now its on to the name game, any ideas? We are still at a loss. I like Ezra or Zenoch. Jared says no more "E" names, probably a good idea. He like Isaac and Erin is still determined to name him Luke Skywalker.

The Many Styles of Erin…..

Erin decided the last few weeks that barrettes and hair clips are amazing! She really gets into doing her own hair. These are just a few of her new dos.

Other than that like has been crazy, with what I am not sure. Eliza is doing really well; she is picking up a new word every few days and seems so much more mature and content now that she can hear.



Surgery went well, long cranky day but Eliza was getting back to her old self tonight. The sound of the wind totally freaked her out when we went outside today. Lots of first which was cool to see.


Eliza gets her tubes this morning. Here is a short video of where she is developmentally, really just a few of the cute things I will miss, when she can hear again. Like how she staggers like drunken sailor or runs with reckless abandonment since her balance is off, or how she communicates through her sing-song hum (like wall-e).

On the other hand, I can’t wait for her to speak. She is getting really frustrated. Right now she understands most things, pretty cool how much she has picked up, but she says very little. Most of the words she does say are muffled (like what you would hear from someone in the next room with the door closed). Our favorite is “Mo!” (for no). Erin and she have their own language and Erin typically translates for us. But most of all, I can’t wait to see her dance. She is 21 months and I have never seen her bust a move.

The procedure is about 8 minutes, very minimal. They slice the ear drum, drain the fluid and insert the tube. They said at her age she will start picking up words in a few days.

Wish us luck!


Love Maestro

Jared genuinely surprised me on Valentines Day yesterday. Typically he is a “wait to the last minute” and I get something wrapped in a walmart bag, which I really don’t mind. Of if he is buys something big he clears the idea with me before the purchase so he makes sure its something I actually want (which I don’t mind either).

I have wanted an acoustic guitar for a couple of years. I played French horn for 10 years and really miss music. I wanted something that I could pick up and learn in my “free” time. Anyway I mentioned it a few times in passing, but it was not a huge priority since free time is no longer in my vocabulary.

He told me he picked my present up three days before valentines day, which that alone about gave me a heart attack. Saturday morning, he slipped me a note that said “Don’t “Fret”, I didn’t spend too much with several clues leading me around the house until the clues lead me to a shinny black Gibson Maestro sitting in my office. I was so surprised, and thrilled. I spent Saturday afternoon at the local guitar store buying a few accessories (like a tuner) and now I can jam out with an A, E, G and C cord. He might regret it for the first few months….

He was really cute and romantic. And I got him basketball shorts :s


Clear Echo!

We just got home from a long day at Texas Children's Cardiology and we are happy to announce one more year surgery free. Erin's electrocardiogram did not change from last year (which is good). Her heart seems to be growing well and her defective mitral valve, although small and deformed, its performing at a level to sustain her growth and development.

Erin did wonderful at her appointment, I think we have been through enough that she remembers the drill. Eliza got clotheslined by a kid in the waiting room and smacked her head on the floor. After filling out an incident report, one of the nurses felt bad and gave her a new teddy bear.

All in all it was a great day and hopefully we don't go back for a year.