Happy 28th Jared

Jared's birthday was yesterday. He was 28. I think Erin was mored excited about it then he was. He didn't feel that old until Erin made him a bunny cake and demanded that we light 28 candles. When we pulled them out the poor bunny looked like it had been shot by a semi-automatic.

We got a sitter and went out to dinner at Zio's, one of our favorite Italian restaurants in the area browsed at Academy Sports and headed home.

Happy Birthday baby!


On the Go

It's been a while since I have posted, I'm not sure where the spring has gone. Last night I came to the realization that I no longer have a baby as I watched Eliza stroll behind her walker. In the last three days she took her first assisted steps and crawled up both flight of stairs.

Its been a crazy week. I started a new design gig with a non-denominational company that produces bible study materials for women. I just finished my first brochure. Most of the projects I work on are industrial or design based so I haven't done a lot of feminine design. It's all purple and pretty and actually a fun change.

Saturday I went up with our youth group into the Houston 610 loop to paint a house for an elderly woman. We do it every year. Elderly widows can apply to have the exterior of their house fixed. New siding, trim and paint and donated and then organizations from all over the city come out and take a house. The house looked awesome (with its rockin red door) and everyone had a good time.

Jared took Erin out Saturday night for a daddy-daughter date. He has not been around much lately. They went to the batting cages and arcade. I'm not sure who had more fun. Erin talked about it all day Sunday. She even told me when they were doing the horse racing game dad had to sit side-saddle because his butt was to big.

Here are some new pics....enjoy!


Why Oh Why?

Why are tires made of rubber and air? Alright, so probably a stupid question, but honestly last night at 9:30 p.m. I walked out of church to find my fourth flat tire this year. It was flat to the rim. I'm pretty sure the place where I get my tires patched installs magnets inside the tire tubes they seem to attract every metal object on the road.

Luckily there was one person left because there are no light in the parking lot. Her little daughter thought it was cool to learn how to change a tire. We let her take the lug nuts off (which were put on pneumatically last time and it took everything I have to loosen them). So today I am off to get one more patch job at some shady tire shop. Happy Friday!



It was a pretty slow weekend. A cool front actually made it down here so it was mid 70's all weekend, a welcomed relief from the spring heat. We spent most of the weekend watching the broadcast of the LDS Spring General Conference. We watched as they sustained the new prophet - Thomas S Monson. It was an awesome conference, lots of good speakers and things to think about. For those who missed they already have the mp3's ready to download at www.lds.org.

Eliza is teething so she was cranky all weekend. She was really ornery at supper tonight, the loving parents we are, we just sat there laughing and taking photos. Five minutes later she was happy as a clam. The kid loves the tub.

Erin on the other hand has been camera shy lately, wish I could say the same about her mouth. Tonight we had cheesecake and she said "Daddy hurry up and eat your cheesecake before Mommy eats it." I asked her why she thought I would eat it and she exclaimed "because you are a big scary monster".

Then later she was brushing Jared's hair and said "daddy you have a hairy neck and pretty bangs and I like the hair in your ears." Its amazing how a three year old can shred your self confidence in a matter of seconds.

Here's to another week.



Eliza is changing so much, I'm not sure who she look like, but she inherited the Fenton Smirk. And check out those new chompers. She is working on her 4th tooth.

1st Game

Erin had her first game on Saturday and it was the best entertainment I have seen in a while. The team we played was all 3 year olds. Erin is one of the youngest on her team. We had 2 playing offense against 10 and still I don't think the ball ever made it down to our side of the field. But Erin stood her ground on defense. Bt the 4th quarter most of the kids had lost interest. They would run off the field and sit on their moms lap. It had rained the night before so the other big distraction was the ditch full of water right next to the field beaconing their clean new uniforms.

I was camping Friday and didn't realize how big Erin uniform would be. I quickly took in her shorts right before the game so they would not fall off, but I need to take in her jersey also.