Washington DC

Time for our yearly post?  We do more than travel!  We survived a brutal winter, I think between Dec 15-Feb 15 we had 37 days below zero.  By the end of school we had 11 snow days and were ready for summer!  That being said the summer has been beautiful and soon the kiddos start back to school.

This spring Jared took me to DC for a week.  I have always wanted to see the Cherry blossoms and luckily we caught the very last week.  We flew in and headed to the DC temple to do a session.  I finally got to see the original mural that spans the interior wall.

We then spent three days doing the mall, renting bikes, puking in the occasional garage can (thank you morning sickness) and just enjoying some time together.  My top two favorite spots were the National Cathedral which we got lost on our bikes riding up there and missed our tour.  I put my pride aside and played stupid tourist and scored a tour with the architect on staff.  My second was Arlington Cemetery.  In a city where the pace exceeds human decency Arlington provided a place of reflection and awareness.

We met up with two sets of friends from our Houston Days.   We did dinner in and game night with Millers and dinner at an Irish Pub and  Mt Vernon with Milenkovics.  So good to see everyone.  It was a fast trip but we loved every  minute of it!

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